How do I setup CuteFTP 8.2 for FTP?

  1. Open up CuteFTP. If it has been used before and the "Show tips on startup." hasn't been unchecked,
    then you will see the Tip of the Day.

  2. If the "Show tips on startup." has been unchecked, then select File | Connect | Connection Wizard.
    Otherwise, if this is the first time opening up CuteFTP, the following screen for the Connection Wizard shows below.

  3. The Host Address: should be
    The Site Name: can be anything you'd like such as My website
    Click Next >

  4. CuteFTP does a host validation check to make sure a valid host has been entered.
    If it detects the host as being invalid, then you'll get the above message. You can select Yes to go back and check your Host Address: again or select No to continue. If you select Yes and the Host Address is correct, this could be an indication that the DNS hasn't been changed to point to our name servers yet or hasn't fully propagated.

  5. Clicking No takes you to the screen asking for your User Name: and Password
    Please enter your cPanel username and password or the full and password which you have created in FTP Accounts.
    Click Next >


    • CuteFTP tries to connect to the Host Address: with the User Name: and Password: which have been entered.

    • If it can't connect because the Host Address: was entered incorrectly, then this warning will show:

    • If it can't connect because the User Name: or Password: was entered incorrectly, then this warning will show:

    • Yes can be pressed to return to check the information entered and make corrections. Or, No can be selected to continue to the next step.

  6. Enter in the Default Local Folder: or click the folder icon to browse to a folder. A new folder can also be created within that icon, and then selected.
    • If the User Name: from the previous step is the cPanel username and not one created in FTP accounts, then the Default Remote Folder (Optional): should be public_html
    • If the User Name: from the previous step is in the format of and is one that was created in FTP Accounts, then leave the Default Remote Folder (Optional): empty.

  7. CuteFTP will now display a screen saying that all of the information has been entered. Click Finish

  8. CuteFTP will once again try to connect using the settings which have been entered.
    • If it can't connect to the Host Address:, a message like this will appear:

    • Details >> can be pressed to see the status and where the program is encountering the error at.

    • If CuteFTP is able to resolve the host name, but it's unable to connect because of an incorrect username or password, then this error will display:

    • Go ahead and enter in the correct Username: and Password: and click OK

  9. A successful connection will appear like this:

Additional Notes:

  • Sometimes the Site Manager is displayed upon opening CuteFTP or after closing the Tip of the Day

  • This can also be opened by choosing Tools | Site Manager | Display Site Manager

  • Make sure the information is correct and press Connect.
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